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Electrical Safety Switches – Life Saving Devices!

  • What are they?
  • How do they work?
  • Should I have them installed?

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Mobile Broadband and Reception Improvement

Some readers have been asking specific questions regarding wireless internet and mobile broadband coverage and reception, so I thought I would cover more information on this topic. How does mobile broadband work? To explain this, some of you may be currently using an ADSL modem (i.e internet over your existing phone line) or a cable modem which is connected to a dedicated cable from the street to access your emails and the internet. For those who use a mobile phone to access the internet, this data is communicated to you via your chosen carrier’s mobile phone network. The speed with which this occurs on your device depends on your carrier, your proximity to a mobile or 3G network tower, the network usage and the device’s capabilities. [Read more…]